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Assessment is a much neglected essential to effective ministry. Simply ask the pastor who was elected to the “wrong church” for affirmation of that truth. Had there been effective assessment, there would have been a better “match,” and as a result more effective ministry. Beyond “the match,” effective assessment helps each minister to recognize his or her gifts, talents, abilities and weaknesses.

Once you are armed with that kind of assessment, we can help that minster not only find the right place for ministry, but be able to staff complementary to that pastor’s strengths and weaknesses.

The SoCal Network AG uses several great tools for minister Assessment, including a two-day intensive Assessment Center, several online assessment tools and time-tested personality profiles including DISC and Meyers-Briggs.

To sign-up for an Assessment Center or for more information on assessment in the SoCal Network, please contact Louise Lessel at llessel@socalnetwork.org.

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