There is a key difference between a coach and a mentor. A mentor is usually more experienced in the field of ministry than the one being mentored, and “pours into” that younger minister from his or her own life and experience. Everyone needs a mentor!

We believe that God has birthed a vision in every one of our pastors. It is the task of the coach to ask great questions that draw out that vision and then help the pastor to develop a strategy to attain that vision. Along the way, each step in the process is broken down into manageable action points. The coach then becomes the Pastor’s accountability partner to see that those action points are completed.

A coach can be older or younger than the one being coached. A coach doesn’t need to have experience in the particulars of the ministry role of the one being coached. The pastor of the smallest, most rural AG church could, if trained well, be a coach for the pastor of the largest church in the Assemblies of God.

Our Superintendent has set as a key goal for pastors of all our Network Affiliated Churches to have a certified coach at no cost to them. We have trained and certified a cadre of coaches ready to serve pastors of NA churches as well as any of our SoCal Network AG ministers that see the benefit in being coached.

For additional information, please contact Louise Lessel at llessel@socalnetwork.org.

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