First STEP Journey

The First STEP Journey begins with an assessment which is comprised of a one-page self-assessment tool followed by an in-depth self-assessment to be completed by the pastor and staff of the church. Next, is an on-site visit of the church during its main service by members of the Assessment Team. Finally, the Assessment Team meets to evaluate all the assessment pieces to determine whether this particular Network Affiliated Church should begin at “Team Development”or begin at “Empowered Leadership”.

The Assessment Team is made up of several ministers appointed by the Superintendent as well as Presbyters and Regional Leadership Team members. The assessment covers all parts of the life and health of the NA Church, including attendance, finances and percentage of the church involved in ministry.

Rather than assigning NA churches to the First STEP Journey, initial groups will be made up of churches whose pastors have made their interest known to the Superintendent’s office. Once the First STEP Journey has reached full capacity, the balance of our NA churches will be encouraged to participate.

For additional information, please contact Louise Lessel at llessel@socalnetwork.org.

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