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One of the great strengths of the Assemblies of God is that we are made up of self-governed churches (called General Council Churches). When a church is struggling or doesn’t meet the necessary requirements for General Council status, the General Council reclassifies them as Network (District) Affiliated Churches.

Almost half of the churches in the SoCal Network are Network Affiliated Churches. A Network Affiliated church is one governed by our SoCal Network, and is often times a church that has seen its history as greater than its present. Much of the time the pastor of an N.A. church is bi-vocational, or often the pastor’s spouse is employed full-time in a secular job. Because of these realities, pastoring a Network Affiliated Church has a unique set of challenges.

All the while, we know that the task, call and vision of every N.A. church and its pastor is to impact its community for Jesus. To help the pastors and congregations of our Network Affiliated churches to fulfill their God-given vision, we have created a Church Health Journey which includes: Church Health Bootcamp for those struggling with developing an effective team to carry out vision; Acts 2 Journey for those moving along in developing vision and team-based ministry; Celera for effective pastors who want to grow as leaders; and coaching for pastors at every level who need the encouragement and accountability that a coach provides.

It is our goal that every Network Affiliated Church has the support necessary to mature as a healthy church in order to both live out its God-given vision, and to do its part in living out the three purposes of this Network:

To Reach people for Jesus by proclaiming God’s Word in every community

To Inspire leaders by recruiting, training and launching them into ministry

To Empower the local church by helping them reach their God-given vision through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Rich Guerra is the Network Superintendent and oversees these Network Affiliated Churches.

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